Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water consumption decreased by 37 % and electricity by 6% in 2008, driven by awareness campaigns: DEWA

Under the directives of Mohammed bin Rashed

Water consumption decreased by 37 % and electricity by 6% in 2008, driven by awareness campaigns: DEWA

DEWA honours government, semi government and private sector organizations for contribution to conservation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 29th April, 2009: DEWA’s efforts to conserve natural resources by reducing consumption of water and electricity have yielded excellent results.

DEWA today revealed that the total consumption of water in Dubai was reduced by 37 percent and electricity by 6 percent in 2008, amongst residential units, governments, schools, universities and private companies. H.E Saeed Mohammad Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, unveiled the results of the campaign to reduce consumption of water and electricity at a press conference.

“DEWA introduced a series of initiatives to encourage consumers to reduce consumption and eliminate wastage of electricity and water, with the goal of inculcating a culture of saving natural resources and preserving our environment, as part of the directive of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai.”

“These campaigns were focused on raising awareness amongst people of the importance of saving water and electricity for the welfare of future generations as well as increasing their involvement in prudently using the two valuable resources”.

Al Tayer said the percentage of reduction in electricity and water consumption in schools in Dubai reached 22 percent and 42 percent respectively. The hotel industry recorded a saving of 3 percent for electricity and 14 percent for water. Golf clubs also achieved a significant saving of 61.5 percent in water consumption.

“These figures speak eloquently about the success of these campaigns, which were conducted using global best practices and leveraging key community outreach tools, including advertising, PR, mass communications and direct marketing,” H.E. Al Tayer said.

DEWA’s campaigns included “Now you Know, Don’t let it go” campaign launched in June 2008, on the heels of the “Your Decision” campaign which began February 2008. The campaign was implemented in government departments, private organizations and shopping malls to highlight the importance of conserving electricity and water.

These campaigns sought to educate consumers on the simplest and most effective ways to save electricity and water and reducing wastage of natural resources. It also highlighted the expensive process of producing electricity and water to bring it to the homes of consumers.

These campaigns launched by DEWA received overwhelming success from strategic partners from government departments and private sector companies, shopping malls, education institutions and sports organizations.

Al Tayer added: “DEWA appreciates the cooperation extended by all communities and business in Dubai to our conservation campaigns. We are proud that we have a community that is willing to change their ways with the long-term goal of reducing consumption and protecting the environment for a brighter future for their children and grand children.”

The DEWA campaigns did not just deliver messages to the target audience but they also sought consumers’ feedback through questionnaires so as to devise more acceptable schemes of conserving energy and water.

Mr. Al Tayer also felicitated 9 government departments reported substantial savings in water and electricity consumption. He also felicitated organizations that played a key role in making these campaigns successful by helping to disseminate the messages of conserving water and electricity on their premises, including 12 government department and 18 private companies and shopping malls. Also, 29 hotels were felicitated by DEWA.

Al Tayer lauded the efforts made by these partners and hailed their contribution to these campaigns.

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